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Inspired by her real-life experiences, Anita Hamilton is known for calling it as it is, powerhouse melodies, deep vocals, and authentic storytelling of the working class. Like every Canadian girl, she is a northern belle with a dream to entertain and connect with real people through her music.


Hanging with her lifelong friends developed her cool girl nature, and sense of adventure, teaching her how to really kick the dust up! As the new girl in town, she carries herself with an unapologetically fearless attitude that is often lost in the artificial modern world of country music.


Influenced by the legendary country songwriters and classic rock that she grew up on, Hamilton blends a high-energy live show with storylines that hit home. With millions of views on Instagram and TikTok, this young artist is blowing in like a thunderstorm—reminiscent of the infectious energy of Meghan Patrick and Gretchen Wilson.


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Small Town Glory - Promo Image 2 - Anita Hamilton


Small Town Glory - Cover Art - Anita Hamilton.jpg
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Leaving the place she grew up in, Small Town Glory is an anthem about making the brave and lonely journey into the unknown.

Through strong melodies and powerhouse vocals, Anita Hamilton packs up her life, crosses that county line, and says goodbye to her childhood life — putting the pedal to the floor and not looking back. This relatable experience connects the Canadian singer-songwriter to her blue-collar fans, many of whom leave their hometowns for work and brighter horizons at this transitional age. 

With contributions from numerous decorated Canadian musicians, this single was produced by award-winning Canadian songwriter and producer Jeff Johnson of Bailey Way Entertainment. Jeff's other credits include tracks for Tyler Joe Miller, Teigen Gayse, Madeleine Merlo, Meghan Patrick, Dallas Smith, Sons of Daughters, George Canyon, Faber Drive, Wes Mack, Lisa Nicole, Chris Buck Band, and many more.



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Nadine Arkell

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